A very special thanks to Don Snyder for providing the beautiful photography featured in this template.  Above is a great picture of his new rescue Chloe with whom I've had the pleasure of working!

preparing for an Assessment or PRivate session

I always tell clients to write down any questions you may have for me in the days leading up to our training session.  This will allow us to make the most of the time I spend with you and your dog!


loose-leash dog walking

      45 minute session - $30        

60 minute session - $40

It's easy to find a dog walking business in the DFW area which will take your dog for a nice walk while you're at work.  However, it's not that easy to find a professional dog trainer to properly interact with and train your dog the correct way to walk on a loose leash during each session.  6 years ago when I began volunteering and dog training, I thought about creating a business for the working dog owner.  I was trying to come up with a motto and really liked, "While you're at work, we're at play!"  The one thing the motto didn't include was the structure which goes along with each training session.  Not only will I take your dog for a walk, I will teach your dog how to properly go in and out of the house and walk on a loose leash without pulling.  Along with this, I will take the last 10 minutes of each session to work on some obedience training with your dog.  Not only will your dog go for a nice walk while you're at work, it will be learning at the same time! 


puppy assessment


90 minute session  - $120 ($10 donation of fee to a local shelter/rescue of your choosing)

In the majority of the assessments I’ve done in the past, the main cause of the dog’s behavioral issues, was the way owners interacted with their dog on a daily basis. Setting up structure for a new puppy in your home can be difficult.  Not having a streamlined approach to training amongst household members can lead to confusion in your animal.  Whether it be a single person or multi person home, this 1 ½ hour session will give you all the tools to get your puppy started off on the right paw!

 two week puppy package


2 week package - 8 hrs. total/ $400 ($40 donation of fee to a local shelter/rescue of your choosing)

The first year of a puppy’s life is crucial to training.  Dog owners can struggle understanding how to properly train their dog.  Also, some owners just need assistance setting up a good foundation.  Board and train, although enticing, does not take place in the dog’s home environment.  This package offers you the opportunity to learn how to lead your dog in and outside of your home.  Some areas we will touch on include diet, potty training, jumping, obedience, and loose leash walking.  Included will be 6, hour long, individual private sessions with your dog.  It is beneficial for the owner to be present, but if you are unable, a weekly document will be emailed listing the training agenda for each week.  This will allow you to continue progressing your dog during the two weeks.  Each week will conclude with an hour long training session with all members of the household.  Upon completion of the two weeks, I will continue to be a constant source of information for any future questions or concerns.

adopted dog integration


90 minute session  -  $120 ($20 donation fee to the rescue or shelter from where you adopted)

With the vast number of dogs in a shelter setting, there is an abundance of stimuli which can cause stress for these animals. Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA refers to this as a "trigger-stacking" environment.  When these dogs are adopted, they experience the other end of the spectrum.  With all the affection and freedom we lavish on our rescues, we can inadvertently create impulse control issues in our dog.  This can result in a pushy dog who does not respect the person dispensing their liberties.  When dealing with adopted dogs in the past, I’ve always stressed the importance of a two week decompression period.  The key to properly acclimating your dog, is to slowly introduce liberties using positive reinforcement training. This will create a lasting relationship based on trust and respect.  Whether you are planning to adopt, or have done so recently, let’s build a plan for your dog’s success together.

behavioral assessment


90 minute session  - $120 ($10 donation of fee to a local shelter/rescue of your choosing)

Having trouble understanding certain behaviors from your dog?  Is your dog mouthing, jumping on you or your family members, reactive on leash, eliminating in your home, barking, etc.?  These behaviors can make living with your pooch extremely frustrating.  So many people try to “punish” or “lecture” their dog after performing an unwanted behavior in their home.  When we do this, we are confusing our dogs.  Instead of their learning the previous behavior was incorrect, they focus on our frustration.  I always say, “Frustration in the owner breeds confusion in the dog.”  When we fully understand why a dog performs an unwanted behavior, we can also learn to recognize the environmental factors/preceding behaviors that led to the behavior.  I will give you the necessary tools to adjust the dog’s environment to ensure the unwanted behavior no longer surfaces.

Impulse control training - The fun way!


60 minute session - $50 Hands on instruction with owners and their dogs

Each liberty we introduce to our dog, whether it be a toy, food, affection, going for a walk, etc., is an opportunity for us to teach our dog impulse-control.  When teaching a dog how to control their impulses, I have always used the “Say Please” method.  Simply put, you only give your dog their liberties on your terms.  You do not acknowledge impulsive behaviors where your dog is trying to “push” you into action.  Once a dog learns that certain behaviors are not rewarded, they no longer default to those behaviors.  This approach helps us to better understand the psychology behind why dogs perform certain behaviors.  When we truly understand this training method, we will be able to ask for behaviors to be performed on command(i.e. Potty training).  Using the “Say Please” method teaches our dog to ask politely for their liberties before they are given to them.  “Say Please” not only allows you how to teach your dog to settle, but also teaches your dog when it’s ok to get excited and have some fun playing fetch...on your terms!  Through impulse-control training, we end up being the on and off switch for our dog's arousal!